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                    Product Image (1019)

                    Bnc Connector Cable Brass Premium Black W/j 50Set

                    Price: 999 INR/Piece

                    Pack of 50. Product type: Molded with Water proof Joints which is ideal for irregular shape project, have a clear look and tidy connection.

                    Product Image (1017)

                    Rca Connector Screw 10 Set

                    Price: 99 INR/Piece

                    Pack of 10. This connector can be used as adapter for audio and video connecting.

                    Product Image (1016)

                    Cctv Mic 50Set

                    Price: 1999 INR/Piece

                    Pack of 50. Low noise, low distortion, high safety, stable working performance. anti-interference effect to ensure a stable recording environment.

                    Product Image (1015)

                    Cctv Video Balun Hd 8Mp

                    Price: 75 INR/Piece

                    Male BNC with extended 140mm mini-coax pigtail, Reliable push-pin terminal block connection for UTP cable

                    Product Image (1014)

                    Bnc Connector Screw 100Set

                    Price: 899 INR/Piece

                    Pack of 100. BNC Male Video Connectors with Screw-lock Terminal for Coaxing CAT5 CAT6 to CCTV Cameras, Male Plug, Silver Tone, Black, Green, Zinc Alloy material

                    Product Image (1016)

                    Rca Connector 10Set

                    Price: 99 INR/Piece

                    pack of 10

                    Product Image (10013)

                    Cctv Video Balun Hd 1080P

                    Price: 55 INR/Piece

                    CCTV Video Balun HD 1080P: compatible with Traditional analog CVBS/AHD/TVI/CVI Signal.

                    Product Image (1010)

                    Cctv Mic Ball Imported 10 Set

                    Price: 555 INR/Piece

                    Pack of 10. Imported Sound pick up use the high fidelity and low noise process chip.

                    Product Image (1011)

                    Cctv Mic Outdoor

                    Price: 99 INR/Piece

                    This CCTV microphone is compatible with both residential and professional surveillance equipment. The high sensitivity detector makes this CCTV outdoor mic perfect for recording even the quietest audible disturbance.

                    Product Image (1009)

                    Cctv Mic Hidden World's Smallest

                    Price: 699 INR/Piece

                    Long lasting CCTV Camera Microphone, In-Built on board IC preamp, high gain with auto level adjustment. Fit for almost any CCTV application.

                    Product Image (1012)

                    Cctv Video Balun Utp

                    Price: 149 INR/Piece

                    Balun suitable for DC12V CCTV System. Transceiver power-Video signals are routed via UTP cable and Rj45. Both Video and Power are supplied over UTP Cable (CAT5e or CAT6) via RJ45 ports.

                    Product Image (1008)

                    Bnc Video Ground Loop Isolator Balun

                    Price: 279 INR/Piece

                    Ground Loop Isolator for audio/video.

                    Product Image (1006)

                    Cctv Video Balun Utp Pv 1080P

                    Price: 149 INR/Piece

                    this video transceiver allows transmission of CCTV video and low voltage power over utp cable

                    Product Image (1004)

                    Bnc Connector Cable Eco 50 Set

                    Price: 599 INR/Piece

                    High quality zinc alloy corded coaxial cable, 14/36 Copper Lines combined with a shielding allow to maintain audio video quality.

                    Product Image (1007)

                    Bnc To Bnc Cable (m-m) Patch Cord

                    Price: 99 INR/Piece

                    This BNC connector RG-58/U is a type of coaxial cable often used for low-power signal and RF connections. The cable has a characteristic impedance of either 50 or 52 .

                    Product Image (1005)

                    Cctv Video Balun Utp Pv 5Mp

                    Price: 189 INR/Piece

                    The UTP 5MP video and power baluns are the most convenient way to connect analogue CCTV cameras to a recorder using a single Cat 5e or Cat 6 Ethernet cable.

                    Product Image (1006)

                    Cctv Mic Dual Rca

                    Price: 199 INR/Piece

                    Micro-chip design, Using left and right channel output, High fidelity.

                    Product Image (1001)

                    Cctv Video Balun Utp Pv 8Mp

                    Price: 199 INR/Piece

                    Used to transmit video and AC or DC power over a Category 5e or 6 Ethernet cable with RJ45 connectors on each end.

                    Product Image (1002)

                    Cctv Video Balun Rg-6 800Mtr

                    Price: 699 INR/Piece

                    Cable for power and video transmission, high efficient and stable power switch technology, remote video transmission capacity without distortion of the picture

                    Product Image (1003)

                    Rca Connector Cable 10Set

                    Price: 129 INR/Piece

                    2 Core Bare Copper, Pure Brass Red White RCA Cable 14/36,

                    Product Image (1000)

                    Cctv Video Balun 8Ch Hd

                    Price: 799 INR/Piece

                    8 channel HD Video balun is to convert the video signal into the balanced signal applicable to be transmitted on common Cat-5 unshielded twisted pair wire with perfect transmission effect,

                    Product Image (123)

                    CCTV Video Balun 16ch HD

                    Price: 3999 INR/Piece

                    16 channel HD Video balun adopt differential signal transmission with excellent anti-jamming ability,

                    Product Image (131)

                    Cctv Mic Indian No Humming 5Set

                    Price: 269 INR/Pack

                    1 Year Warranty. Pack of 5. Moisture Proof CCTV Audio Mic monitoring HD Voice.

                    Product Image (119)

                    RC Connector

                    Price: 10 INR/Piece
                    • Delivery Time:1 Days
                    • Supply Ability:10 Per Day
                    • Material:Metal & Plastic
                    • Product Type:Connector
                    • Special Features:Water Proof
                    • Camera Type:Analog Camera
                    • Camera Style:Mini Camera
                    • Usage:For Camera Use
                    Product Image (117)

                    Bnc Connector Brass L Green

                    Price: 11 INR/Piece

                    Light weight weather proof pure Brass (Copper) Connectors

                    Product Image (313)

                    DC Connector Screw

                    Price: 4.99 INR/Piece

                    5.5mm x 2.1mm 12V DC Power Male & Female Jack Terminal Blocks DC Barrel Connectors

                    Product Image (116)

                    Bnc Connector Brass Female

                    Price: 19 INR/Piece
                    • Camera Type:Digital Camera
                    • Usage:For Camera Use
                    • Camera Style:Mini Camera
                    • Product Type:A/V Selector
                    • Material:Plastic
                    • Supply Ability:10 Per Day
                    • Delivery Time:2 Days
                    Product Image (111)

                    Bnc Connector Brass H Yellow

                    Price: 15 INR/Piece
                    • Camera Style:Mini Camera
                    • Usage:For Camera
                    • Product Type:Screw Connector
                    • Special Features:Water Proof
                    • Material:Plastic
                    • Camera Type:Digital Camera
                    • Delivery Time:2 Days
                    • Supply Ability:10 Per Day