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    Tool Professional Network Repair Kit Jm-p15

    Price: 3299 INR/Piece

    Professional portable hardware tools.

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    Screwdriver Tool Set 52 In 1 Classic

    Price: 599 INR/Piece

    52 in 1 Screwdriver Set with 42 Bits, Multi-function Magnetic Repair Computer Tool Kit For Repair Jewelry, Eyeglass, PC, Laptops, Smartphone, Watches - RED.

    Product Image (901)

    Tool Automatic Wire Stripper And Crimper Pro

    Price: 749 INR/Piece

    5 In 1 Multifunctional Wire Stripper Automatic Wire Stripper Crimping Tool.

    Product Image (341)

    Tool Wire Cutter Heavy

    Price: 89 INR/Piece

    180mm Cable Cutter

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    Tool Automatic Wire Stripper And Cutter Pro

    Price: 299 INR/Piece

    This self adjusting cable / wire insulation stripper is made from high quality cutting blade which make it suitable for professional as well as home use. Useful in day to day stripping applications on the insulation of copper / aluminum conductor of the cable.

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    Screwdrivers Tool Mini Set 32 In 1 With Case

    Price: 249 INR/Piece

    Precision Screwdriver Kit, 32 in 1 Magnetic Repair Tool Kit, With flexible bar, adjustable length.

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    Tool Kit Jakemy 8124

    Price: 342 INR/Piece

    Various Bit Sizes to choose Double Screwdriver Tip Design

    Product Image (1227)

    Screwdriver Tool Professional Precision Set 110 In 1

    Price: 699 INR/Piece

    Latest PC Repair Screwdriver Set, 110 in 1 Professional Precision Screwdriver Set, Multi-Function Magnetic Repair Computer Tool Kit For Mobiles/Tablets/Glasses/Laptop/PC.

    Product Image (1223)

    Cat7 Pass Through Crimping Tool

    Price: 1499 INR/Piece

    ALL-IN-ONE PASS THROUGH CRIMPER cuts, strips and crimps paired-conductor cables (4P 6P 8P RJ11 RJ12 RJ45 pass through connectors, round STP/UTP and flat-satin phone cables) and twisted Pair, Ethernet, voice and data cables.

    Product Image (1126)

    Rj45 Pass Through Network Tools Kit Certified

    Price: 1999 INR/Piece

    Crimp Tool Kit Cat5 Cat5e Cat6 RJ45 Crimping Tool, 50PCS RJ45 Cat6 Pass Through Connectors, 50PCS Covers, Network Cable Tester, Wire Punch Down Cutter(Blue)

    Product Image (1221)

    Jakemy B01 Tool Bag

    Price: 779 INR/Piece

    Waterproof oxford large sized tool bag with large capacity JM-B01

    Product Image (1222)

    Bosi Modular Plug Crimping Tool 4P 6P 8P

    Price: 499 INR/Piece

    Certified Original Bosi made from high quality steel plate ,with ratchet device , use more convenient ,new TPR plastic handle ,professionally used for crimping reticle and telephone line terminal ,rapid ,efficient and durable.

    Product Image (1219)

    Screwdriver Tool Metal Magnetic Kit 50 In 1 Premium

    Price: 1299 INR/Piece

    Package included: 50PCS: 48 screwdriver bits 1 x screwdriver handle 1 x ESD tweezers 1 x storage case

    Product Image (1220)

    Tool Kit Jakemy 8139

    Price: 1149 INR/Piece

    47 in 1 Antic-drop electronic toolkit JM-8139. Professional repair tools aim to giving assistance during devices repairing. Suitable for the repairing of mobile phone, PDA, PC and other electronic devices .

    Product Image (1224)

    Tool Set Jakemy 182

    Price: 549 INR/Piece

    7 in 1 for Apple Devices.

    Product Image (1225)

    Rj45 Crimping Tool 3 In 1 modular

    Price: 199 INR/Piece

    It is a 3-in-1 stripping, cutting ,crimping tool, which is good for rj45 connectors and suitable for cat5 and cat5e cable with 8p8c plugs.

    Product Image (1226)

    Tool Screwdriver Jm-8119

    Price: 129 INR/Piece

    175 mm long Jakemy screwdriver.